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Since 1993, Ho Tam has been making artist's books and printwork.

These publications are still available.


original printing 1993

The Yellow Pages (1993) original explores the stereotypes and cliches on Chinese and Asian cultures in the North American context. This first printing is in an edition of 250 copies, photocopied on golden brown cover stock and ivory pages. The book was also adapted into a 8 minute video piece premiered at the Union Station in Toronto.

54 pages.  4.25 x 5.5 inches. Photocopied in black and white and hand-bound. First edition of 250.

Out of print.

The Yellow Pages (1998) 2nd printing -- In 1998, Gallery 101 (Ottawa) helped me to make a second run of The Yellow Pages with offset printing. All the pages are reproduced from the original work, except cover was redesigned. In addition, there is an afterword written by me.


62 pages.  4.25 x 5.5 inches. Offset printed and perfect bound. Second edition of 500.  USD 25

2nd printing, 1998

Idol + Worship (1995) is a double-sided book. Covers are offset printed on cardboard while the inside pages are printed with the Riso Gocco, a home screenprinter. On the Idol side, the images are Asian pop stars matched with names from well known logos. On the Worship side, the images are female personalities with Asian food labels.

40 pages.  5 x 7 inches. Edition of 250.  USD 50

Fine China (1998) is made with the now obsolete architectural blue print technology. Although this print is not a limited edition, I only have a few of them left. Due to the loss of technology, it is unlikely that I will be making more of this work.  There are only less than 5 prints left.


Please also note that the print is light sensitive and will fade over time under light.  Therefore it is best for it to be keep undercover .


1 sheet of paper with 24 folds.  30 x 42 inches.  USD 1,200

Blossom (1999) follows the similar folded format of Fine China. It is a print/book produced during an artist residency at Open Studio printmaker’s co-op in Toronto.


1 sheet of archival Japanese paper with 24 folds. Each comes with a sleeve cover. 31 x 42 inches.  Edition of 100.  USD 1,200

Monks (2012) is produced under the XXXzines series.  It is printed with a Samsung desktop colour laser printer. The zine is composed of 40 images from a collection of 400 plus images shot in Bangkok, 2003.  This is the prototype of POSER 1 although the size, design and printing method are very different.


24 pages from cover to cover. 20 x 13 cm.  Edition of 100.      USD 25

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