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Hotam is an independent press founded by artist Ho Tam. We have been working on artist’s books and zines since the 1990s. All projects are created independently from conception and design to production and distribution. Along with the recent project The Greatest Stories Ever Told, hotam -

the journal and Poser are our featured series.


The Greatest Stories Ever Told is a project about translation. Based on our original English book made in 2015, we have translated it into many languages editions. Currently there are English, French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Catalan and Tagalog (Filipino) versions.


hotam - the journal is an artist's journal (2013

to 2017). Each issue has a individual theme and approach. Using the form of a magazine, we are interested in exploring and experimenting with the printed format.


Poser is a book series of snapshots taken in public at specific locations.  Subjects are approached on selected location for their permission to be photographed.


For more information about our work please email us at hotampress (at) gmail.com


Preview video of The Greatest Stories Ever Told.

Preview video of Hotam and Poser.