h o t a m
p r e s s

My name is Ho Tam and I am a Vancouver-based artist.  I have been working with artist’s books since 1990s and this is a website of my bookwork.  Hotam and Poser are my latest project which are featured here.  Besides this website, these books are also available at Printed Matters (NYC).


Hotam is a very recent project, published as a artist’s journal, four times a year.  Each issue has a individual theme and approach.  Different from conventional magazines and more similar to an artist’s project, I am interested in exploring and experimenting with the printed format.  The creator of Hotam is just one person, me, from conception and design to production and distribution.


Poser is a book series of snapshots taken in public at specific locations.  The work process of each projects is the same.  I approach the subjects on location for their permission to be photographed.  The exchange is usually completed within a few seconds to a minute.  Using analog film, I never take more than one picture of each individual. It is both an exciting and nerve wrecking experience because one never knows what is the response of the subject.


Both Hotam and Poser are digitally printed by Magcloud.


For more information about me, please visit my artist’s website

ho-tam.com or email me at hotam88 (at) mail.com


Please check out this preview video of all the books published by Hotam Press.