greatest stories

Translation Series

Greatest Stories - Translation Series is a project about translation. Based on the original English book The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Hotam#10, 2015), it is being translated into international languages, under the collaboration with many translators. Each language version is uniquely designed and reinvented with a very different look and format. Currently it is available in French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Filipino (and upcoming in Arabic, Chinese and German).


Greatest Stories is a collection of fables, fairy tales and urban legends, inspired by the collages of images from international banknotes. Humorous and satirical, all writings and artwork are written and created by the neurotic mind of Ho Tam.


For all international book, a complimentary English translation is included as a supplement.  All prices include shipping.




Las Historias Más Formidables Jamás Contadas


Color newsprints (folded)

Edition of 100, 380mm x 578mm, 12 pages, 2017

USD 18





Le più grandi storie mai raccontate


Color printing, glossy cover with mat inside pages

Edition of 100, 210mm x 210mm, 56 pages, 2017        USD 20





Les plus belles histoires jamais racontées


B/W printing, traditional hand folding and stitched binding

Edition of 100, 168mm x 244mm, 54 pages, 2017

USD 60







Color printing, handbound with booktape

Edition of 100, 176mm x 250mm, 24 pages, 2017

USD 24



한국어 / KOREAN      전해오는 가장 멋진 이야기들


Colour single sheet, hand folding (set of 5 books)

Edition of 100, 115mm x 153mm, 9 pages each, 2017

USD 28



Translator: Taedeog

Translator: Jorge A. Cruz-Aguado

Translator: Colette Tougas

Translator: MigiOkay

Translator: Cinzia Delveno

All prices include postage to anywhere in the world.

Payments could be made through Paypal or credit cards

(VISA, Mastercard and American Express).


Each book is in a limited edition of 100 copies. Individually priced. We will take special care to mail your order to you via regular international post service. The delivery time will be approximately from one to two weeks.


If there are any further questions or if you would like to see more images of the books, please contact us at

hotam88 (at)

TAGALOG / FILIPINO      Ang Pinakamagaling na Kuwento Kailanman Sinabi


16 pages of 2-tone biligual transcript with 1 bonus double-sized spread,

stapled, clear plastic sleeve

Edition of 100, 182mm x 257mm, 2017                 USD 14



Translator: Paul de Guzman